Suicide… the Entity

Excerpted from Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality

by Maureen J. St. Germain

fear sad girlThe suicide entity is real and attacks persons who are dealing with depression and issues where there is despair. In some cultures like Japan, the historical issue of suicide being an honorable choice is being over-written by the sanctity in all of life. Read More

Goddess of Liberty,

 January 30, 2017 San Diego, CA, USA

Channeled by Maureen J. St. Germain

Goddess of Liberty brooklynThis is a time of cloudiness in awareness. You are starting to be different, and act differently, and yet you do not feel clarity about what is happening or what might be happening. We say to you, that each of you, individually are being given opportunities to shift and change.

This is the Goddess of Liberty holding space for the transition that is occurring in your reality. You see change in front of you, perhaps not as quickly as you would like. You see awareness of potential problems and you are calling them out as they come up. Read More

Great Divine Director, March 21, 2017 Hong Kong, China,
channeled through Maureen J. St. Germain to live audience

No more karma

This is the Great Divine Director who has joined you from afar. I hold the matrix for this planet. I hold each of you in my heart. I wish to speak with you about this idea of “no more karma.” And tell you that it is far more reaching than you realize.

By making yourself aware and allowing this information through you, you have created a matrix that now reflects to everyone in your world. Everyone you speak with, everyone you touch will be changed. There is no need to keep score anymore. Take each moment as it comes. Let go of your wounds. Hanging on to your wounds punishes you more than the other (person.) It keeps the game going, where it need not continue. So let it all go.

How can there be no Karma? Read More

AA Michael Paris Metro
No More Karma


We’re moving out of the game of polarity into a new game. In 2002 I unexpectedly came upon the mosaic of Archangel Michael with his sword doing a battle somersault. It was on the wall of the Paris Metro station beneath Notre Dame.

As I stood in front of this amazing mosaic of Archangel Michael airborne Read More

Dragons for Driving

Meet me in LA – at LACMA

My friend and former business manager in Seattle and I BOTH wanted out of the rain and into the sunshine. She had been living there over 20 years, for me, four was enough! I thought I would abandon her first – and she would follow.

Nada, she abandoned me first – to work on a screenplay with her sister, a very cool story, channeled through the dream time – each night, Kim would ask her sis, well what about this part? The next day her sister would call her to tell her the next part based on her questions! This went on for weeks. One day they realized they had a movie – worth making! Stay tuned, because with Kim’s manifestation abilities… there is no question she will pull it off!

Smoking Dragon

Dragon Incense Burner

Read More

A Surprise!

Gifts and Surprises for the Holidays

Solstice Charles Perry

Solstice by Charles A Perry a Beautiful sculpture in front of the Bank of America Tower in Tampa, FL

My surprise

I was traveling back to the city – and had ordered a few surprise presents for my cherished husband for Christmas. I told him several days before I left that I had ordered a few things online. “Please do not open any packages” that come while I’m gone. I knew he had NOT ordered anything so there was no need to tell him to look at the address label! I also texted him after I left with the same reminder (since he often opens everything that lands on our doorstep.) I also sent an email reminder too!

I opened it

The first day away, my husband reported to me that there was an intercom that came for me – that he put in my office! This was one of my surprise gift to him. I was so upset. I was so hurt. Couldn’t he even honor a simple request? He, on the other hand, could not comprehend my disappointment and upset! I said, “Well, go ahead and try it out, and if you don’t like it, we can put it back in the box they came in, and send it right back!” “Uh, actually, I threw away the outer packaging  already.”

Why am I upset?

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The Solstice

This year, more than ever, you may be experiencing shifts and changes! You may have been awakened in the middle of the night, notice an energetic “download” that feels as if your body is vibrating or pulsating yet there is no movement!

This is a new transformative opportunity to acclimate to the new energies that are now transforming everyone and the planet. It’s as if the “sun is shining everywhere,” and everyone is benefitting. Yet, it’s not shining so brightly that it is painful, or destructive. Instead the energies are gently pulsating into your consciousness, physical bodies so that you can tolerate and accept the new energies that are already here on the planet!

Surround yourself with love. Surround your family and friends with love. Decide that you are in service, (you probably are,) to anyone and everyone who comes near to you.

If you have been disappointed in the past, or have had difficulty at this time of year, decide that you can be the solution – and from that point forward you have become a true beacon of love and light.

Never believe, that your individual changes cannot make a difference. Your presence in those situation will continue to bless and transform those around you.

I cherish you. I believe in  you.

love, Maureen

Happy Birthday to you …. born in May or ANYTIME!

Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday month and I’m always sharing information about birthdays, how important they are, and how to maximize them– when I hear you have one coming. This year, I’m sharing it with all my followers on MY birthday month. This blog post is dedicated to Larry – my first Webmaster, First Treasures, having been with me for almost 15 years! He’s mostly retired now, but we do get his expertise for little projects here and there… Happy Birthday Larry, you are the best.

Larry with ONE of the twins!!!

Larry with ONE of the twins!!!

Next I want to wish a most blessed birthday – to my dear friend and former Office manager for two years, Kim. What an angel she is to everyone around her!

Catching the wind!

Catching the wind!


Why am I sharing this? Almost 40 years ago I was taught by one of my spiritual teachers, that your birthday is a most sacred day. This is because it is the anniversary of your soul moving into physical form. The most important message about this is that all of the ascended masters, your angels and guides celebrate your birthday with you. They have gifts for you, that you must claim. Like the winning lottery ticket, if you don’t claim it you can’t collect. Read More

More from the Dragons

Today I pre-recorded “The Practical Mystic” my radio show on Radio about becoming fifth dimensional also included a discussion  about the dragons. I’m happy to report and tell my stories about the Dragons. I encourage you to share as well. There is a new variety of dragons that have come to the earth – to assist with our ascension. Some say they were mythological creatures, but I doubt it, since there are so many artistic renderings of them, finding their way into our museums. They were revered and tamed. Today, the dragons have returned to humanity to help them find their true authentic selves.

Dragon and Crown

Dragon with Initial E, with a crown.

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Waking up in 5D

How the heck are you going to pull it off? Easy in 5D.

Concert Tickets for a concert we didn’t even know about!

A few weeks ago, I was in the car with my husband, near our Seattle home, with our ipod scrolling through various songs that he has in his music library when singer Brandy Carlisle came up. I had never heard her sing. As I listened to her, I commented to my husband, “I really like her music we should go see her sometime.” I spoke this as if I knew that we could see her locally. Brandi_Carlile_LiveMy husband nodded and said, “Well she’s from Seattle you know, and she sometimes performs with the Seattle Symphony.” He added, “I’ll go online and see.” The next day he informed me that he was holding tickets for the Sunday after Thanksgiving where she was indeed performing with the Seattle Symphony!

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Authentic Seeds

Most of you know my love for Mother Earth. Some of you know of my history growing up on a large (over 150 acres) vegetable farm. This is why I find this post so very important.

Mexio’s GMF win

Aquarian Airlines (reblog..) The Universal Festival Calendar for June 2014

Hi friends,

I’m going to start putting more blogs out – and less info on my newsletter, starting with this repost of a partial of the Universal Festival Calendar for June, Dan Furst’s brilliant writing. He entertains as well as informs! Always a winner with me! Enjoy!

Its Mythic Prelude “Light Through the Door” is about how the unstoppable trend of Aquarian transparency now replaces the old Piscean values of secrecy and control, and how the whole swollen bag of secrets and lies can hardly hold now in Gemini month, the most communicative time of the year.

An Excerpt: 

“All the secrets take on a life of their own. They are no longer the raw material of control scenarios by the ones who collect them. The secrets are now effectively running the Archon Follies, and the work of keeping them is exhausting. So the secrets themselves are looking for a way to bail, in the manner James Joyce wrote about in Ulysses: “Secrets, silent, stony sit in the dark palaces of both our hearts: secrets weary of their tyranny: tyrants willing to be dethroned.” Peace and some freedom of movement can come only when we move away from the fear that invariably produces dishonesty, toward the love that enables truth, and out of obsessive, separative mentality and toward the unifying dimension of myth. Thus we acknowledge the winged messengers of truth who fly back into our consciousness now.”

Read more: 

The Universal Festival Calendar for June 2014 is now online at—june-2014.html

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