Waking up in 5D

How the heck are you going to pull it off? Easy in 5D.

Concert Tickets for a concert we didn’t even know about!

A few weeks ago, I was in the car with my husband, near our Seattle home, with our ipod scrolling through various songs that he has in his music library when singer Brandy Carlisle came up. I had never heard her sing. As I listened to her, I commented to my husband, “I really like her music we should go see her sometime.” I spoke this as if I knew that we could see her locally. Brandi_Carlile_LiveMy husband nodded and said, “Well she’s from Seattle you know, and she sometimes performs with the Seattle Symphony.” He added, “I’ll go online and see.” The next day he informed me that he was holding tickets for the Sunday after Thanksgiving where she was indeed performing with the Seattle Symphony!

I was totally amazed that tickets had become available just a few days earlier, about six weeks before the concert! My husband had plenty of time to get great seats, even though it was sold out pretty quickly. We had a great time. My husband’s music collection is large and varied – songs came up randomly on our iPod. I was happily “flowing in Five D” when I responded to my enjoyment of her music with the suggestion that we go see her. Even I didn’t know I was going to say that! I’m continually delighted at what flows through me this way, in terms of getting what we want and enjoying our lives.

 Back to back clients!

At dinner yesterday my husband told me that while I was going to be in New York he had gained up yet another Philadelphia client, who called him and wanted him in Philly next week. This means he now has two appointments back-to-back on one trip to the Philadelphia area. He says, “In true Maureen fashion I’ve managed to acquire two completely unrelated clients in the same city at the same time!” Ladies and gentlemen, This is what it’s like to live in five D.  Magic happens all the time. These happy coincidences are your new normal. Welcome to a most magical integration into the fifth dimension. This is just the beginning!

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