Dragons for Driving

Meet me in LA – at LACMA

My friend and former business manager in Seattle and I BOTH wanted out of the rain and into the sunshine. She had been living there over 20 years, for me, four was enough! I thought I would abandon her first – and she would follow.

Nada, she abandoned me first – to work on a screenplay with her sister, a very cool story, channeled through the dream time – each night, Kim would ask her sis, well what about this part? The next day her sister would call her to tell her the next part based on her questions! This went on for weeks. One day they realized they had a movie – worth making! Stay tuned, because with Kim’s manifestation abilities… there is no question she will pull it off!

Smoking Dragon

Dragon Incense Burner

On this particular day – we were meeting to go to the Art Museum in LA. (LACMA) She was coming from Oxnard (1.5 hours to the North) we were driving in from San Diego, 2.5 hours south.

As we got into our car – to go, I asked the Dragons to take over the driving for us. I also asked them to take over the driving for Kim! After our 2.5 hour drive, and rest stop, we came to the intersection at the street where the parking garage for the museum was located.

We were both at the same traffic light facing opposite each other. When the light turned green we made a right, she made a left putting her right behind us!

We pulled into the half empty garage at 2 minutes past 11 AM when they opened! She pulled up right behind us, in a car I didn’t recognize, and suddenly I realized it was her behind us. Pretty amazing. Thank you Dragons!

That was the beginning of one of the sweetest days ever!

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