Stacey Goode & Clearing work

Bravo to Stacey Goode, (wife of popular Super Secret Space Program Insider) for admitting they used the name of Jesus to clear out entities that wouldn’t leave any other way. I usually use the name of Archangel Michael.

Stacey goes on to tell how before the clearing work, it was difficult for Corey to speak about his service with the SSP. And she mentions even their dog wouldn’t go near him! After the clearing work, the dog wanted to sit on his lap, and Corey was able to speak clearly without getting hung up with nervousness or reactionary emotions.

My guides have explained why it’s important to use a revered being’s name when commanding these imposters to leave. Continue reading “Stacey Goode & Clearing work”

Great Divine Director

March 21, 2017 Hong Kong, China,
channeled by Maureen J. St. Germain

This is the Great Divine Director who has joined you from afar. I hold the matrix for this planet. I hold each of you in my heart. I wish to speak with you about this idea of “no more karma.” And tell you that it is far more reaching than you realize. By making yourself aware and allowing this information through you, you have created a matrix that now reflects to everyone in your world. Everyone you speak with, everyone you touch will be changed.

There is no need to keep score anymore. Take each moment as it comes. Let go of your wounds. Hanging on to your wounds punishes you more than the other (person.) It keeps the game going, where it need not continue. So let it all go.

No More Karma

We know this is not easy. But even among you, you know that so much happiness awaits you when the game is over. Everyone celebrates. Start thinking in those terms. And be the first to be of the new game, the new game where there is only love. The game is over when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last? Do not struggle with this information, even that will keep you in the game. Instead, ask me to help you release any attachment you have to this (3D polarity matrix) game, ask me to bring into your world whatever it is you feel you have lost.

The Wayshowers

Know with absolute certainty, you are one of the way showers. The way showers are showing the way. Do not press this information on anyone who would not be ready to hear it. Let it unfold in its natural way. We remind you again, that even resistance will keep you in the game. We remind you of that first conversation Maureen had with someone over 22 years ago, her spiritual friends said, “How can this be?” And Maureen nodded in agreement and said, “I don’t know. I just know it is so.” This is not a reasoning opportunity. This is simply a choice. I will help you hold your new matrix if you ask. Call upon me daily, when you go into (any prayer) the Akashic Records, say my name. If you cannot go into the Akashic Records daily, at least call my name, and I will be with you and hold the matrix (for you.)

This is simply a choice. I will help you hold your new matrix if you ask. Call upon me daily, when you go into (any prayer) the Akashic Records, say my name. If you cannot go into the Akashic Records daily, at least call my name, and I will be with you and hold the matrix (for you.)

The Great Divine Director notices

Some of you are wearing your sacred geometry. He says, “Keep wearing your Sacred Geometry. It will help you hold your matrix. You do not have to wear the same pieces every day. You can ask your Higher Self to help you choose each day. When you are attracted to a piece, that you have not yet planned on buying, ask your Higher Self!

Once in a while you will be told to buy a piece that is not for you. (Laughter) and after you get it home, we will tell you that it is not for you! This is for your friend, and you will say, OK. There is so much love for you. We love and cherish each and every one of you. You are the change we have been waiting for. Be modest and kind. The rest will follow.”

Aquarian Airlines (reblog..) The Universal Festival Calendar for June 2014

Hi friends,

I’m going to start putting more blogs out – and less info on my newsletter, starting with this repost of a partial of the Universal Festival Calendar for June, Dan Furst’s brilliant writing. He entertains as well as informs! Always a winner with me! Enjoy!

Its Mythic Prelude “Light Through the Door” is about how the unstoppable trend of Aquarian transparency now replaces the old Piscean values of secrecy and control, and how the whole swollen bag of secrets and lies can hardly hold now in Gemini month, the most communicative time of the year.

An Excerpt: 

“All the secrets take on a life of their own. They are no longer the raw material of control scenarios by the ones who collect them. The secrets are now effectively running the Archon Follies, and the work of keeping them is exhausting. So the secrets themselves are looking for a way to bail, in the manner James Joyce wrote about in Ulysses: “Secrets, silent, stony sit in the dark palaces of both our hearts: secrets weary of their tyranny: tyrants willing to be dethroned.” Peace and some freedom of movement can come only when we move away from the fear that invariably produces dishonesty, toward the love that enables truth, and out of obsessive, separative mentality and toward the unifying dimension of myth. Thus we acknowledge the winged messengers of truth who fly back into our consciousness now.”

Read more: 

The Universal Festival Calendar for June 2014 is now online at—june-2014.html

New Life Expo – Prize Presentations

Genie in the Bottle
Be a Genie Book

Recently I gave three lectures at the spring New Life Expo, in New York.  One for each day on different subjects. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My first presentation was based on the principles and practices in my latest book, Be A Genie. In it, I teach people the secret formula (the Phoenix Sequence) for manifestation, and why it is important to understand it and most importantly how to use it.

One woman, in the class, upon winning the “door prize” of a copy of the book, stood up and said, I used the Genie system to win the prize. She didn’t even know WHAT the prize could be, but was determined to win. She won a copy of Be A Genie! Another woman at the class, Susan, who had been on stage with her “heart’s desire” training and experienced a radical transformation in front of the room filled with people, cornered the winner on the way out of the room at the end of the lecture – to learn the exact details. Susan had shifted radically from who she was at the beginning of the session, no longer doubting her heart’s desire, to KNOWING, she had experienced it. That practice session, in front of the large audience, being on stage with me, had changed Susan powerfully and she wanted to know more.

Susan attended my lecture the following day and won the bottle of AroMandalas, Genie in the Bottle, that I gave out. She also stood up and said, “I used Maureen’s Genie System in Be a Genie to win this!” and proceeded to tell her story. The final winner, at Sunday’s class – stood up and said,”That prize is mine! I used the same Genie system as the other two winners in Maureen’s other lectures. I met the first winner in the bathroom and she shared with me the details – in Maureen’s Be a Genie book – and it works!”

What about the ethics of doing this? Why can’t you do it? Well, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with their doing this. It’s likely and possible that no one else had any energy on the exact winning of that door prize that day. Can you do it? Very likely. In fact, I even used it to win a contest – and although the results contained some things even I didn’t expect, I did achieve the outcome desired. I challenge you – why NOT you? Maybe you should read the book and find out how.

I used to be embarrassed about being too successful. After all, I didn’t want people to be jealous of me. Then I realized one day, the people who were likely to be jealous were the ones who weren’t doing their part, weren’t showing up – and for sure wanted what I had, but were unwilling to learn, change, grow and evolve in order for that to happen. That’s when I quit focussing on those people and instead began to notice I could help a lot of people, lovely, eager, interested people, in achieving their heart’s desire! I’m proud of that legacy. You can do this – and I’m here to support that!

Carol’s Dragons Appear

My friend and fabulous Cranial Sacral healer, Carol, has been listening to me week after week in my appointments with her talking about the dragons. Last week she told me about the trip she and her husband took. She was preparing to take off for home returning from another city by air with her husband and decided to call in “Her” dragons.


She was shocked and amazed that THREE showed up! There was a green one on the left wing, a red one on the right wing and a white one on the top of the fuselage!  She’s not really that comfortable flying so this appearance definitely calmed her. During the flight, the air got a bit bumpy and she over reacted…”I’m gonna die…” was her panicked thought. The white dragon spoke to her and said, “Do you want to live?” Of course “Yes,” was her immediate reply. She’s still talking about that experience.

In the photo posted below – You’ll see another dragon picture in the clouds one beautiful fall day a year ago.  I’m always amazed to see them, in a clear sky, with no other clouds in sight. I also often have orbs appear in my pictures. You can see the redish/purple one in the top right. It’s moving very very fast!



Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.
Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.

Congratulations! It’s TWINS!!! Yes, a Boy and a Girl!

Isn’t this amazing? I didn’t know why Endre gave me permission to use both of these fabulous photos! OR that I couldn’t decide on WHICH one to use. now we know why!


by artist Endre Balogh

To order this or other wonderful art:


I didn’t know it – and neither did the obstetrician that delivered my younger siblings many years ago. There’s TWO of them, in that birth canal! Yes, TWO Star of David’s.

Sounds like a TRUE PORTAL, with an opening at both ends.

Yes, that’s right, there’s another Star of David right behind this one. Our Calendar of Events encourages individuals to continue their special manifestation work in this sacred MerKaBa.

Here’s the news on the The SECOND Star of David:

This upcoming one is so dramatic, and unstable that it is important that we hold our own ceremonies as close to the appropriate time as possible.

My guidance is to make sure you have this insider information since you signed up for this blog, and before any of us knew there was another one right behind it!

This information comes to us from the good timing newsletter, by Madeleine Gerwick.  She can be reached at I suggest you sign up for her Quarterly newsletter. This Brief excerpt of her information is from her Q3 Newsletter.

This Star of David occurs on August 25 between 4:17 PM and 10:24 PM Eastern time.  Sign up information is below.

The good news is that this Star has a great configuration for presenting your ideas to either the masses or to very powerful people.  It’s also strong for creating your vision with practical steps.  So if you didn’t finish your contract for the first Star of David, now is the time to finish it up or to add to it if you wish. An added bonus is that Jupiter is trine Chiron, and according to Madeline, this type of trine is one of the best cycles there is for growth and abundance.

The downside to this Star of David is that although there’s a big money of foot, it is highly unstable.  Now you see it; now you don’t.  So it’s a perfect set of cycles for losing a lot of money.  Be careful not to invest during this period.

Now, if you do lose money during this cycle, it is also possible to get it back.  Since this is unstable. Stay focused on allowing the money to come back to you in any way the universe can bring it.  Be open to possibilities and don’t tie up the universe’s hands with how you see this issue being solved.

The main challenge with this Star of David is that Venus, the planet representing money and relationships, doesn’t have any support.  She’s not connected in any way to the Star, which has plenty of flow for inspiration and practical communications.  Instead she’s heavily involved in a grand square, suggesting a very dynamic and challenging situation.

Do your best. Oh, and if you want in on those phenomenal energies that came through the first time, the discounted fee is $11.

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