Carol’s Dragons Appear

My friend and fabulous Cranial Sacral healer, Carol, has been listening to me week after week in my appointments with her talking about the dragons. Last week she told me about the trip she and her husband took. She was preparing to take off for home returning from another city by air with her husband and decided to call in “Her” dragons.


She was shocked and amazed that THREE showed up! There was a green one on the left wing, a red one on the right wing and a white one on the top of the fuselage!  She’s not really that comfortable flying so this appearance definitely calmed her. During the flight, the air got a bit bumpy and she over reacted…”I’m gonna die…” was her panicked thought. The white dragon spoke to her and said, “Do you want to live?” Of course “Yes,” was her immediate reply. She’s still talking about that experience.

In the photo posted below – You’ll see another dragon picture in the clouds one beautiful fall day a year ago.  I’m always amazed to see them, in a clear sky, with no other clouds in sight. I also often have orbs appear in my pictures. You can see the redish/purple one in the top right. It’s moving very very fast!



Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.

Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.

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  1. I love this post on Carol’s dragons. A few days ago, I saw one huge dragon in the clouds while in the pool teaching my water aerobics class. While I was glancing at it between exercises, I was amazed to see the one dragon separate and morph into two big dragons! On the way home I saw another one. The sky was clear except for the dragon in the sky. I wondered what all of it was about…the next two days were energetically challenging and I realized then what seeing the three dragons was about. They helped me find some clarity in an otherwise murky situation!

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