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Bravo to Stacey Goode, (wife of popular Super Secret Space Program Insider) for admitting they used the name of Jesus to clear out entities that wouldn’t leave any other way. I usually use the name of Archangel Michael.

Stacey goes on to tell how before the clearing work, it was difficult for Corey to speak about his service with the SSP. And she mentions even their dog wouldn’t go near him! After the clearing work, the dog wanted to sit on his lap, and Corey was able to speak clearly without getting hung up with nervousness or reactionary emotions.

My guides have explained why it’s important to use a revered being’s name when commanding these imposters to leave. I have written extensively about entities, why they are here, and what their agenda is and how they can occupy your body in the book, Reweaving the Fabric of Your Reality.

What I do know is that it is necessary. I’ve explained about this in Reweaving book and I’ve done youtube videos about how to clear out entities. What I haven’t done is told any compelling stories about entities leaving that I have witnessed recently.

Seeing is believing

A year or so ago, in Asia, I was teaching my hosts that they needed to clear the individuals who were demanding an appearance (at the police station) to explain their event. I also promised I would call in extra help from the Serendipities to soften any trouble they might be in.

It was a long night, and I finally sent everyone back to their respective hotel rooms, because there was nothing more we could do. My organizer had filled out the required paperwork correctly indicating the attendance at my workshop would be 150 persons. She told them there would be no foreigners when in fact there were 3, me and two translators! She also said this was her company gathering and clearly there were people from all over this country.

The trouble began when people started doing their own clearing work in the ballroom where I was teaching, I have never seen anyone faint – when clearing their entities until I was in this Asian country! While this work was going on it was getting loud and the security guards were noticing something was going on!


This location is sensitive to anything “unusual” like this. No one told me. No one told me not to do it. in fact, my organizer had fainted when I cleared her, the previous year in an earlier workshop! Even she didn’t know that it could be a “red alert” for security.

Of course, she thinks I caused the “trouble” and I think her paperwork discrepancies caused it. Never the less, I asked them (my organizers) to clear the authorities we were dealing with before they went to bed that night. This clearing work is similar to what Stacey was talking about, and also what I teach, in the above-referenced book and videos.

As soon as they left my room, I fell asleep immediately. I was woken up – rather abruptly to witness a bunch of “shadowy heads, definitely Asian, floating up and away.” I asked my angels, “What is this?” They informed me that these were the entities that were being cleared from the authorities they were to meet with in the morning!

This is the same type description that Stacey gave when Corey cleared himself of the entities. You can learn how to do this yourself if you want through my Reweaving book, or youtube demo. If that one is too hard to hear use this one. Then I saw something else.


Cosmic Beings from 11th Dimension, Serendipties will help you with your life and special requests.

The Serendipities appear

A group of beings, more shapeless than anything else, of multiple neon colors and long slender bodies came into view. They were carrying a large paper or tablecloth. I saw them spread it out, work on it, then pull it up by the corners, while the paper tablecloth was getting smaller and smaller till there was nothing left! I asked what was this? This was the Serendipities that I had called in – to help smooth over any difficulties. I knew they were real, but I had never seen them!

Although our event was canceled, we were cleared of any problems. The authorities were very concerned about not telling the truth on the application and they were nervous about certain possibilities, that they could see had nothing to do with us. They had no problem with me, and I was checked out and told, they didn’t have to talk to me! (Whew!)

We rescheduled our event, our organizers had some losses, but we were able to walk away without any black marks on our records. Thank you Serendipities and Archangel Michael.

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  1. Thank you Maureen, I totally resonate and appreciate your information! Love, peace and blessings, Nadia

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