A Surprise!

Gifts and Surprises for the Holidays

Solstice Charles Perry

Solstice by Charles A Perry a Beautiful sculpture in front of the Bank of America Tower in Tampa, FL

My surprise

I was traveling back to the city – and had ordered a few surprise presents for my cherished husband for Christmas. I told him several days before I left that I had ordered a few things online. “Please do not open any packages” that come while I’m gone. I knew he had NOT ordered anything so there was no need to tell him to look at the address label! I also texted him after I left with the same reminder (since he often opens everything that lands on our doorstep.) I also sent an email reminder too!

I opened it

The first day away, my husband reported to me that there was an intercom that came for me – that he put in my office! This was one of my surprise gift to him. I was so upset. I was so hurt. Couldn’t he even honor a simple request? He, on the other hand, could not comprehend my disappointment and upset! I said, “Well, go ahead and try it out, and if you don’t like it, we can put it back in the box they came in, and send it right back!” “Uh, actually, I threw away the outer packaging  already.”

Why am I upset?

I struggled with my frustration asking in meditation asking, “What was going on?” The answer came in an instant! It was my ego! My “me” wanted to do something special for him – he does so much for me. I wanted to have something that he didn’t already know about (he usually gets what he needs when he needs it.) so I could feel like I was “doing my part” showing my love and appreciation for him!

Why did it matter so much?

Ouch! I didn’t like admitting I was in ego. BUT then a childhood memory came forward. In it my mom was opening up a christmas present from my dad. The back story is that he had asked her what she wanted – for Christmas, and then drove her to the store, in a snowstorm to get it – and then, left it on the table with all the other presents for her to wrap!

My mom’s gift

On Christmas morning she graciously opened it in front of everyone, smiled sweetly at my dad, saying, “Wouldn’t it be funny if there were a $100 bill in this purse?” She opened it up … and there WAS a $100 bill there! My dad tried so hard to surprise her – making her buy it, and wrap it! He had to go to a lot of trouble to find it, unwrap it carefully and re-wrap it, so he could add that surprise. I come by my gifts honestly. And now I know the real reason I wanted to surprise my husband, and that is because I learned that surprises are a way we show our love and appreciation! Sometimes, being ok with what happens is the greater gift!

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