Round up ready – NOT

I’ve got a project – to make amends for the one time I didn’t object when our gardener said he would have to use Round Up (by Monsanto) to clear the beautiful steps he had built years earlier with rail ties. it’s a stunning row of 30 or so descending steps down a steep slope – and was badly in need of weeding.

I didn’t like it – but didn’t speak up – after all, he’d been looking after our gardens long before I came along. It happened only once, about 2 years ago. This year, I noticed a big evergreen tree next to the steps was dying. I asked the tree what was going on – and it reminded me of the poison we had put down. I was devastated.

In meditation I asked Mother Earth if the tree could be saved. I was told to hold a ceremony – which we did.We were told to put our healing into the tree and also to send it to the grid around the Earth. I had my hands on the tree – and she gave me a name, Amelda, and I was told to pray for her often, and ask for her to be healed.  Later that day I looked up the meaning of the name, Amelda. it’s meaning is “Universal Battle.” Sounds to me like she’s helping heal the damage of Round Up, and I’m inspired to find a safe alternative to Round Up. Turns out there’s plenty on the internet! What was I thinking? See the bottom of this article for one such solution. Let us all be a little more aware of our choices!

The following is from a blog I follow and recommend: They tackle difficult issues – but it’s a great way to stay informed:

I’m re-blogging from a post I received a while ago: I’ve seen a number of posts containing photos from the Millions Against Monsanto marches in 350 cities and there is a fair bit of good news on that front as two counties in Oregon recently voted against Monsanto’s murderous actions. There was no mention of the marches on the news station we watched briefly, however. No surprise there.Image

I’ve since found out that is is VERY possible to use a home made version of weed killer. 

Published on May 5, 2012

Bryce shows how to make and apply your own homemade all-natural weed killer, using everyday household products. Make sure you CLEAN YOUR SPRAYING EQUIPMENT afterward, as the contents of this spray will deteriorate your sprayer and seals. If you maintain your equipment it should last a long time!



New Life Expo – Prize Presentations

Genie in the Bottle

Be a Genie Book

Recently I gave three lectures at the spring New Life Expo, in New York.  One for each day on different subjects. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My first presentation was based on the principles and practices in my latest book, Be A Genie. In it, I teach people the secret formula (the Phoenix Sequence) for manifestation, and why it is important to understand it and most importantly how to use it.

One woman, in the class, upon winning the “door prize” of a copy of the book, stood up and said, I used the Genie system to win the prize. She didn’t even know WHAT the prize could be, but was determined to win. She won a copy of Be A Genie! Another woman at the class, Susan, who had been on stage with her “heart’s desire” training and experienced a radical transformation in front of the room filled with people, cornered the winner on the way out of the room at the end of the lecture – to learn the exact details. Susan had shifted radically from who she was at the beginning of the session, no longer doubting her heart’s desire, to KNOWING, she had experienced it. That practice session, in front of the large audience, being on stage with me, had changed Susan powerfully and she wanted to know more.

Susan attended my lecture the following day and won the bottle of AroMandalas, Genie in the Bottle, that I gave out. She also stood up and said, “I used Maureen’s Genie System in Be a Genie to win this!” and proceeded to tell her story. The final winner, at Sunday’s class – stood up and said,”That prize is mine! I used the same Genie system as the other two winners in Maureen’s other lectures. I met the first winner in the bathroom and she shared with me the details – in Maureen’s Be a Genie book – and it works!”

What about the ethics of doing this? Why can’t you do it? Well, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with their doing this. It’s likely and possible that no one else had any energy on the exact winning of that door prize that day. Can you do it? Very likely. In fact, I even used it to win a contest – and although the results contained some things even I didn’t expect, I did achieve the outcome desired. I challenge you – why NOT you? Maybe you should read the book and find out how.

I used to be embarrassed about being too successful. After all, I didn’t want people to be jealous of me. Then I realized one day, the people who were likely to be jealous were the ones who weren’t doing their part, weren’t showing up – and for sure wanted what I had, but were unwilling to learn, change, grow and evolve in order for that to happen. That’s when I quit focussing on those people and instead began to notice I could help a lot of people, lovely, eager, interested people, in achieving their heart’s desire! I’m proud of that legacy. You can do this – and I’m here to support that!

Dragons according to the Chinese astrology


At a sacred temple in Japan, Kyoto, halfway up the mountain, is this sacred well, where the dragon fount is.

At a sacred temple in Japan, Kyoto, halfway up the mountain, is this sacred well, where the dragon fount is.

The Dragon is considered the mightiest and most auspicious of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The dragon’s number, five is the luckiest of all the sacred numbers, so it fits that the dragon is the fifth animal of the series Dragon years. People born in the Dragon years are said to be creative, expansive, strong and lucky, so the babies born in a Dragon year are believed to be the most favored, likely to enjoy long life prosperity good health smooth birth and happy offspring, friendship and, honor – – all the blessings of a life lived well in accord with the will of heaven and the respect of men.

Befitting as an Emperor who would be responsible for maintaining all of these happy conditions within his realm;  the Dragon became the symbol that was reserved for the Emperor especially the five clawed dragon.

The fire Dragon, is a friend of the wind horse, of 2014. The fire Dragon uses the colors of bright red which go very well with the Imperial yellow silk and gold. In the words of the Chinese Unlimited potential or unlimited possibilities would be represented by the Dragon. This is why in the Chinese tradition speaking of a newborn son you might hear them say, “May he be a dragon.”

So what is the Dragon known for. Aside from the things I’ve already taught you about in this blog, the Dragon is a shape shifter and he can change his size from the size of a small worm to being as big as the sky. This is why we see so many Dragon shapes in the clouds, because the clouds or the sylphs are replicating or showing us what is there in the reality. It can camouflage itself too. Think of the many colors of fluorite, because we many of us see our dragons in iridescent colors. It can hide within the clouds and lakes and rivers and then can also turn into water.

No matter what elements that your Dragon may call home it has validity mutability and the all embracing qualities of water. All dragons are Yang but carry the full potential of being yin – in various expressions (like the water dragon in this picture.)

Much of the research for this blog – came from astrologer, Dan Furst.

Where to get GREAT Dragon supplies!

I recently discovered a fabulous place to get Dragon icons and images. What a great way to be reminded that the “Dragons are back!” (read my earlier post on this.  My office Logistics Manager swears by them, ever since she heard of them, they’ve helped her through the snarl of Calgary traffic, find and expensive glove that had been misplaced and more! Consider this your opportunity to get one last gift – with some of that leftover Christmas money you’ve been hoarding!

It’s call the Dragon’s Collectionary Club

I love love love their products. I’ve never seen such an amazing collection of all things dragons – from fantasy to whimsical. They dragon tea cups, stuffed animals, metal, stone, glass carvings, paintings, jewelry and MORE! I’m not into goth, and I have a contemporary home, but I think this set of vases will look wonderful at our house!

I think we may get these for a special place we’ve been looking for a matched set of vases. Check out the Collectionary!

I had trouble picking one image to share with you – so I hope you will check them out – and consider this and investment in your well being!

Dragon Bridge spits fire and water!

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam

Designed after a legendary dragon that brings good luck and fortune, this steel bridge is sure to attract tourists from around the world.

The bridge links the international airport in Da Nang – Vietnam’s fourth largest city and an important port for the country – to popular beaches and the downtown core. It can shoot fire or water and is lit up at night by 2,500 LED lights.

Construction began on the Dragon Bridge in 2009 and was designed by American firmLouis Berger Group, and cost more than $83-million to build.

Imagine driving where all the traffic lights are green!

Can you imagine a city street – you need to travel for about 5 miles through traffic lights – GREEN – as far as the eye can see?

Dragon, Clouds, Sidewalk!

Sidewalk Dragon

Today we were driving down a very busy street and I could see cars in traffic everywhere.

We could see the interstate- driving on a ridge above it – in full view, jammed with cars as I looked at it, (it my husband was driving) and he said, “We need to call the dragons!”  So much traffic everywhere! So I called on our dragons by name. We asked for them to help us and help everyone around us so that everyone gets where they need to go, with Grace and ease.


We were driving for another five minutes and my husband spontaneously said “I never gone through all these lights straight away with no obstacles.” And all the lights ahead of us were green as well! As she said this I said to myself and then out loud to him must be the dragons!

Dragon updates!

I have three dragon updates coming through in the next day or so. Please sign up so you can get all of them. They are all very exciting! The first one is another amazing story about dragons. Then a wonderful picture of a fire dragon in the sky.
Next I have an announcement about a magnificent sacred Journey that has to do with dragons!

Finally I can give you a great link for lots of wonderful dragon tools, and toys.

The Christmas Gift

A lovely find at the Cloisters Museum here in New York! Proof that at one time the dragons were revered in the churches!


Dragon title

Carol’s Dragons Appear

My friend and fabulous Cranial Sacral healer, Carol, has been listening to me week after week in my appointments with her talking about the dragons. Last week she told me about the trip she and her husband took. She was preparing to take off for home returning from another city by air with her husband and decided to call in “Her” dragons.


She was shocked and amazed that THREE showed up! There was a green one on the left wing, a red one on the right wing and a white one on the top of the fuselage!  She’s not really that comfortable flying so this appearance definitely calmed her. During the flight, the air got a bit bumpy and she over reacted…”I’m gonna die…” was her panicked thought. The white dragon spoke to her and said, “Do you want to live?” Of course “Yes,” was her immediate reply. She’s still talking about that experience.

In the photo posted below – You’ll see another dragon picture in the clouds one beautiful fall day a year ago.  I’m always amazed to see them, in a clear sky, with no other clouds in sight. I also often have orbs appear in my pictures. You can see the redish/purple one in the top right. It’s moving very very fast!



Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.

Several obs move quickly off the top and the sky was clear except for this formation.

Huge Meteor Turns Night to Day in Northern Alberta, Canada Sept 21 [video]

Isn’t this interesting!

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