Time and Timelines

arrows-311332__340You can actually change your past on your own. You can connect with alternate timelines to choose a version of the reality that you like better. Yes, it is really true. You can actually search for a timeline near you that you like better than the one you are in. It is best done right before you go to sleep. You can search for the version/outcome that gives you the outcome you are seeking.

I teach this in my Ascension Institute program. Sometimes people use it to go back in time and fix traumas that have caused them to behave like life isn’t safe! Sometimes you can use it to deal with a health challenge like I did with a health challenge I had that just wouldn’t “let go.”

Meditation, quiet visualization are key

How do you do this? Well, Ideally, you will use the “Triple Mantra” an easy 10 minutes guided meditation that invites you to bring in a higher, healthier, sweeter you. Because there are indeed multiple timelines, and you can pick and choose to connect with a version of you that didn’t go through that trauma, weaving together multiple timelines to create the outcome you desire. You can take yourself through this process in any meditation you choose.

baby-443393_640In one case, a  healer and client of mine had trouble with an issue that plagued her family. She is the grandmother of twins. One of the twins is quite strong willed and refuses to get her diaper changed when she is told she needs it. She can’t really change her own diaper but wants her caretaker to wait for her to be ready.

She is difficult and squirms and makes it hard for her parents to do their duty especially her father. As a result, her father has become quite fierce with her – which is exactly the opposite of what is needed. Very likely there was a previous life power struggle between them. The father doesn’t seem to understand that all he has to do is suggest that it’s time for a diaper change, and when she’s ready, if she would come over to him, he will change her.

Dragons and timelines

When her grandma was visiting, she observed this parent-child battle. She created an alternate way to deal with it. When the noxious odor indicating a diaper change was necessary, she verbally invited the baby to come over and lay down for a diaper change when she was ready. This usually only took a few minutes, but the invitation was emphasizing free will. The grandmother, Carol, was quite concerned about her son in law’s sharpness towards the baby – and wondered what could be done to heal the trauma that had been created by this activity.

Carol understood what I had been teaching about timelines and decided to go look for a timeline that suited a supportive loving relationship for the baby. She remembered that the dragons can move easily in the dimensions and timelines. In meditation, she asked her dragons to help her with this matter. It took her a while to find it. Her dragons escorted her to the Akashic Records when she did this.  She searched for a specific timeline knowing and ideal one could exist. It was golden. She found it lumped together with other timelines. Her dragon told her to pick out “that golden one.” She then brought it to her daughter’s house. This timeline was to give to the baby to feel loved instead of being overpowered by her dad!  It is also important to note that this generation of babies will not be dictated to. I have seen mothers announce to their little one, your nose is running, I’m going to wipe it, ok?

Location, location, location

In a different scenario, a person who was driving near the location of an emotional trauma in her family was able to drop into the timeline because they were physically close and because in this moment she was physically close to the location of the drama. You can open a timeline portal with two of three factors. in her case, she was near to the trauma and she was involved in the trauma – even though she was not responsible for it.

Time, Location and connection

There are three possible ways to tunnel into an event/timeline; location, time and the human experiencing it. You need two of these factors to open one of these timeline portals. Proximity is one factor, connection either as a participant or as a past life participant or close family member and the third is a memory. You can use your memory to bridge the timeline by reminiscing.

Reminiscing uses both your memory (mental body) and your emotions (emotional body.) This allows you to easily match up with the actual event as your memory is threaded to the Akashic Records. By using both your mental body and your emotional body it is like you are actually “there” in time. Even though your memory of something is not always exactly what has happened, you may not remember things as accurately as a video camera or someone else who was there.

What I have found I was able to use this information to heal family traumas, health issues and more. Why is this so very important? We can and need to heal our memories of our wounds. This changes our past and future. it also improves the transformation of each of us. As we become Fifth Dimensional our wounds need to be cleared of their negative charge so they can move through the interdimensional portal. Anything with an overly negative charge will be left behind.

If you have a powerful negative experience that defines who you are, and you keep retelling it, you may be limiting your ability to express in the fifth dimension. Decide now, to change outcomes, change your memory of how it came out – by taking the time to meditate on it, and re-writing the script to produce an outcome you prefer. You know what you would have liked. Now pretend that is what really happened in your meditation and invite THAT version of the reality to be the real one.

Are you ready to let go of being the victim?



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