Where to get GREAT Dragon supplies!

I recently discovered a fabulous place to get Dragon icons and images. What a great way to be reminded that the “Dragons are back!” (read my earlier post on this.  My office Logistics Manager swears by them, ever… Read More

Want to Go to Scotland in August and Meet your Dragon?

Scotland Magic, Myths and Mysteries Of Scotland! August 23 – 31, 2014 Join Us

Dragon Bridge spits fire and water!

Dragon Bridge in Vietnam Designed after a legendary dragon that brings good luck and fortune, this steel bridge is sure to attract tourists from around the world. The bridge links the international airport in Da Nang – Vietnam’s… Read More

Imagine driving where all the traffic lights are green!

Can you imagine a city street – you need to travel for about 5 miles through traffic lights – GREEN – as far as the eye can see? Today we were driving down a very busy street and I… Read More

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