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Today I pre-recorded “The Practical Mystic” my radio show on Radio about becoming fifth dimensional also included a discussion  about the dragons. I’m happy to report and tell my stories about the Dragons. I encourage you to share as well. There is a new variety of dragons that have come to the earth – to assist with our ascension. Some say they were mythological creatures, but I doubt it, since there are so many artistic renderings of them, finding their way into our museums. They were revered and tamed. Today, the dragons have returned to humanity to help them find their true authentic selves.

Dragon and Crown

Dragon with Initial E, with a crown.

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Waking up in 5D

How the heck are you going to pull it off? Easy in 5D.

Concert Tickets for a concert we didn’t even know about!

A few weeks ago, I was in the car with my husband, near our Seattle home, with our ipod scrolling through various songs that he has in his music library when singer Brandy Carlisle came up. I had never heard her sing. As I listened to her, I commented to my husband, “I really like her music we should go see her sometime.” I spoke this as if I knew that we could see her locally. Brandi_Carlile_LiveMy husband nodded and said, “Well she’s from Seattle you know, and she sometimes performs with the Seattle Symphony.” He added, “I’ll go online and see.” The next day he informed me that he was holding tickets for the Sunday after Thanksgiving where she was indeed performing with the Seattle Symphony!

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