Conflicting versions of the Reality

Can you imagine that you would be so choked up that you couldn’t speak your truth? This is what happens when I am in the Akashic Records with the client, and the Record Keepers are about to reveal a truth – and I’m stuck – coughing or speaking in a hoarse voice, as the phrase,  “with a frog in my throat” implies. As soon as I announce that I am “channeling their discomfort” for the client my voice clears!

This is what happens to people when they literally freeze up their voices and are unable to speak! Imagine an impossible scenario – where a person has to remove the muscles of the esophagus, her sphincter muscles closed up – and couldn’t even swallow. What might be so horrible that you couldn’t even swallow?

What if you somehow took on the family secret that was so horrible it was impossible to express. Infants in the womb can do that – to absorb the shock to the mother and help her heal. What if there is visual evidence that one child didn’t look like any other?

According to the insider, William Thompkins, in his book, Selected by Extraterrestrials these types of inappropriate manipulations have occurred in the military and especially in the programs where they were working on secret space program fulfillment. He goes on to describe the misuse of power, where a commanding officer uses his power to force a situation between his downline’s wife. The intimidation factor would be awful.

Humans have belief systems that they hold dear. Like the place mat on the table in front of you, it should be an approximate size and shape and be attractive to you. BUT what if the placemat were an odd shape or a color you found unappealing? What if it were a shape that you didn’t understand? This is you encountering something far from your belief system, yet you can’t really wrap your brain around it and you have to tolerate it, you have to find a way to cope because you are in the military and you must follow orders. This is how they enforce your silence. They have imposed an outrageous version of the reality on you and your family – you could never tell anyone.

Now, you are choosing to compartmentalize it – in such a way that when you are in that environment you accept that. Then you pretend that part as “not real” so you can continue to maintain the system you have created for yourself that says, this is how things are. Humanity has been told so many lies about how small they are, how limited they are, that it has become nearly impossible to break out of that mold and expand themselves into their fullest potential.

To be continued…





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